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Gingicaine Gel Syringes

Pac-Dent International

Consultants’ Comments


  • “I love this product for patients having scaling and root planing procedures.”
  • “Great delivery system. It was very easy to assemble the syringe, and  there were fewer parts than our usual product’s delivery system.”
  • “I liked being able to place it directly in the sulcus, and the ease of  placing it at 1 or 2 teeth.”
  • Gingicaine gel stays exactly where it’s placed.”
  • “Anesthesia lasted during the procedure and beyond.”
  • “Predictable anesthesia for scaling and other gingival manipulation.”
  • “Most patients reported that they preferred the taste to other topicals – no strong odor.”
  • “Patients did not mind the taste and were receptive to its use.”
  • “I didn’t find it as effective as other products, especially for very  sensitive patients.”

Clinical Tips


  • Works very well for patients receiving scaling and root planing.
  • Use it prior to gingival laser procedures.
  • Worked well for numbing over-retained primary teeth that needed to be extracted.
  • Use as a topical prior to infiltration anesthesia.
  • For best results, wait longer than 15 seconds.

Evaluation Highlights


Gingicaine Gel Syringes were evaluated by 40 consultants, with 659 uses in total.
  • Easy assembly of delivery unit.
  • Easy and comfortable application.
  • Predictable anesthesia.
  • Fast onset.


  • Pain relief during scaling and root planing
  • Other procedures where topical anesthesia is beneficial

Unique Features

  • Micro needle tip protects the sulcus during delivery
  • Direct delivery


Gingicaine Gel Syringes contain 20% benzocaine for use as a topical anesthetic. The onset time is 15 seconds for fast, safe and effective pain relief. The syringe is designed with a proprietary micro needle tip with a 7 mm gauge mark and rounded end. This enables direct placement of topical anesthetic into the sulcus without damaging the sulcus. The gel is strawberry flavored. Gingicaine Gel Syringes are available in kits containing 20 syringes each with 1.2 mL of benzocaine gel and 40 Micro Needle Tips.

Editor’s Note:

Gingicaine Gel Syringes are now also available as Gingicaine Fusion, which is a 20% Benzocaine and 2% hemp extract topical oral anesthetic ointment.