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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to see the remaining anesthetic, and listen to the auditory beep for speed/pressure.”
  • “I really liked the small footprint and high-tech look of the unit.”
  • “Easy to set up and load/unload.”
  • “No extra disposable tubing to deal with.”
  • “Every single patient loved it.”
  • “Injections take longer time in fast mode than from a standard syringe.”
  • “Modes 2 & 3 did not give me the flexibility to switch speed fast enough.”
  • “Some patients stated that they felt no difference with the CALAJECT compared to a syringe.”
  • “Simple concept, great ergonomics without thumb pain or contortion.”

Clinical Tips

  • Be patient, it’s not as fast as a traditional injection technique. Technique mirrors the recommended injection times from academic sources, slower than in most clinical environments.
  • Process gets easier after 10 to 15 uses.
  • Still use topical/benzocaine prior to use.
  • Adjust the volume of the “beep” so it is not too loud or distracting for the patient, and make sure that the cords are appropriately placed to prevent catching on the patient, doctor or assistant.
  • The unit has to be set up in the right place to be efficient, and it takes time to re-load carpules for the doctor.

Evaluation Highlights

CALAJECT was evaluated by six consultants and used 153 times in total.

  • Ergonomic unit with small footprint
  • Good visual displays and auditory signal
  • Controls flow of local anesthetic
  • Automated aspiration

Unique Features

  • Vibration-free, tactile handpiece
  • User-friendly touch controls
  • Display of actual injection pressure
  • Auditory signals indicating anesthetic flow rate
  • Automated aspiration and automated shut-off





CALAJECT is a computer-assisted local anesthesia device designed to help the clinician administer pain-free injections. The system controls the flow rate of the local anesthetic, delivering it smoothly and gently. The handpiece is designed to be vibration-free, tactile, and uses standard needles and anesthetic carpules. Its light pen grip provides a relaxed working position and good finger support. The control unit has a separate foot control and user-friendly touch controls. It displays the injection pressure, includes auditory signals indicating the flow rate, and incorporates an automatic shut-off for situations with excessive resistance. The carpule is visible during use, and easing pressure applied to the foot control provides for automated aspiration. CALAJECT is available in a kit containing one handpiece, a stand for the handpiece, a foot control, three cartridge barrels, and a charger.