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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent finishing and esthetics for a glass ionomer!”
  • “I enjoyed the versatility of its use. Time and time again I looked for different ways to incorporate this product into daily use.”
  • “I would really prefer more material in each capsule, especially when building up a core.”



GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is a conventional glass ionomer restorative that chemically bonds to both enamel and dentin. The Extra designation refers to enhancements in setting time, fluoride release, strength, and translucency. The material has a high fluoride release, non-etch surface preparation, and biocompatibility. The introductory kit comes with 10 unit-dose capsules each of shades A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and B3; cavity conditioner; capsule activator/applier gun; and GC Fuji Coat LC light-cured protective coating. Shades A1, B2, and C4 are also available. The capsules are protected by individual foil envelopes; storage in a cool, dark place is recommended. The working time for GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is 1.25 minutes from the start of the mix. Finishing can begin approximately 2.5 minutes after the start of mixing. It is recommended that GC Fuji Coat LC be placed immediately after placement and then again after finishing and polishing. This step is recommended to prevent dehydration during the setting of GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA and to have a post-polish protective layer present during the final maturation of the chemical reaction. Twenty-nine consultants evaluated GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA in over 450 restorations. This product received a 93% clinical rating.


Product Features

GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA has a mixing and delivery system that is familiar and comfortable to all consultants experienced in using glass ionomers. The packaging and the consistent mix were highly rated. Consultants found having multiple shades is very useful, deeming the esthetics to be excellent for a glass ionomer. The increased translucency allowed consultants to use this product in the anterior region with esthetic results. GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is especially useful for cervical restorations, where the high fluoride release is important. The lack of postoperative sensitivity was the highest rated category, correlating well with the lack of bonding sensitivity that is present during the placement of glass ionomers. Generally, consultants found GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA to be quite sticky initially; however, they noted that when the material is allowed to set slightly, the handling improves significantly. Placing GC Fuji Coat LC twice during the procedure was time consuming. Ninety percent of consultants would use GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA rather than other restorative materials (amalgam, composite, compomer) in pediatric and geriatric patients. Seventy percent rated GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA as equal to or better than their current glass ionomer, 74% would switch, and 85% would recommend it to a colleague.