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  • 28 Clinical Evaluators
  • 626 Total Uses
  • 92% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Nice finish and polish with the EQUIA Forte Coat.”
  • “Easy to pack, even in subgingival areas.”
  • “When doing a core buildup and having to pack and contour to create a wall, this material makes it easy while also being less messy.”
  • “Placed it on a sensitive tooth and it took the sensitivity away.”
  • “I don’t like that it has to be triturated.”
  • “Great for pediatric patients, however, once you consider the activating/dispensing gun as well, it can be bulky.”
  • “A lot of steps, especially if you use the cavity conditioner.”


  • Class I restorations
  • Stress-bearing Class II restorations (with specific preparation)
  • Non-stress bearing Class II restorations
  • Intermediate restorations
  • Class V and root surface restorations
  • Core build ups

Clinical Tips

  • This material is soft and cuts really easy when prepping for a core buildup.
  • You want to sculpt it before it hardens too much as it gets sticker as it sets up.
  • Use a fine diamond to finish.
  • For Class V restorations, packing the material with your finger works well to contour to the root structure and is sometimes easier than using an instrument.
  • Can use with cavity conditioner to improve adhesion.




  • New innovative member of GC’s Glass Hybrid family
  • Bulk-fill glass hybrid restorative system
  • Designed to provide a unique long-term solution for your posterior restorations
  • Ideal restorative treatment for high-risk caries and pediatric patients
  • Intelligent particle size and distribution allowing superb handling
  • Optimal marginal seal for long-term resistance to microleakage
  • High, rechargeable, fluoride release at tooth-restorative interface
  • System that includes resin coating: EQUIA Forte Coat

Unique Attributes

  • Improved translucency and strength
  • System includes EQUIA Forte Coat, resin coating, which increases strength
  • New flip top dispensing for EQUIA Forte Coat