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Futurabond U

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The unit dose packaging is super easy to use.”
  • “The single dose delivery prevents evaporation.”
  • “The film thickness is very thin, and the film really adheres to the tooth.”
  • “The packaging is the best in the industry. I love that it is dual-cure compatible without any additional materials needing to be added, such as an activator.”
  • “It is a very nice bonding agent. It has a nice texture and consistency, and it goes on evenly and gives a good bond for sealants and composites. Margins looked excellent.”
  • “I like the simplicity of system, and the reduction of waste and reservoir leakage.”

Clinical Tips

  • “When air drying, be careful that the material is not getting onto the soft tissues.”
  • “Make sure you push all the activator liquid through to the adhesive.”
  • “Make sure it is thoroughly mixed so that all the “swirl marks” are gone.”


Evaluation Highlights

Futurabond U was evaluated by 30 consultants, with an average of 28 uses per consultant. It received a 96% clinical rating.


  • “I would change the packaging into individual containers in hard plastic that stand on the tray on their own. Otherwise, I loved the product.”
  • “Smaller packaging would be nice. Slightly more bonding agent in the unit dose (if doing more than one restoration, as there is currently only bonding agent enough for one large restoration).”
  • “We observed almost no sensitivity.”


Futurabond U is a universal bonding agent that can be used for all etching techniques as well as for all curing techniques with self-, light- and dual-curing direct and indirect resin materials. No additional activators or primers are required. Futurabond U is reinforced with silicon dioxide nanoparticles that reinforce the hybrid layer to provide a durable, high bond strength. It is applied and rubbed in a single layer for 20 seconds, followed by 5 seconds of air drying and curing for 10 seconds. Futurabond U is delivered in unit-dose packaging for convenient, contamination free application and does not require refrigeration. The single dose delivery system prohibits the evaporation of the solvent as experienced in bottle systems.