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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Compact kit is easy to store.”
  • “Dispensing is great! The pre-wetting with bonding agent saves a step.”
  • “Ribbon does not fray when cut.”
  • “Application clips to contour the ribbon into interproximal spaces were handy.”
  • “Long shelf life – 3 years – is great for a product that is only needed occasionally.”
  • “I would like a narrower size.”


F-Splint-Aid fiberglass ribbon is made of six layers of ultra-thin, 4 mm wide fiberglass band, sewn together and saturated with bonding agent. F-Splint-Aid is a ready-to-use solution for splinting needs including stabilization of avulsed and periodontally involved teeth. Each bottle treats an average of four to five cases. No special scissors are needed to cut F-Splint-Aid to length. Metal application clips, provided with the kit, use spring action to hold the ribbon in interproximal spaces. The kit contains F-Splint-Aid bottle with 12 cm of fiberglass ribbon soaked in bonding agent and 5 application clips. F-Splint-Aid was used by eight consultants. It received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

The bottle containing F-Splint-Aid is similar to common dispensers of gingival retraction cord. Consultants liked the convenience of F-Splint-Aid with its pre-wetted ribbon that is easy to cut and place. The resin makes the ribbon slippery, and it is best handled with forceps. The application clips are a useful solution for adapting the ribbon to the teeth and holding it in place for light curing. Thirty-eight percent of consultants reported that F-Splint-Aid was better than their current splint system, whereas 62% reported it was equivalent to the product they currently use. Seventy-five percent would switch and 100% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Apply F-Splint-Aid to etched and bonded tooth surfaces.

  • Cut a little longer piece to account for adaptation to the interproximal space.

  • Ribbon may be cut lengthwise if a narrower piece is desired.

Editors’ Note:

Since the completion of the evaluation of F-Splint-Aid, the manufacturer has informed THE DENTAL ADVISOR that they are developing a new narrower version.