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F-Splint-Aid Slim

Polydentia SA

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The pre-wet fiber saves a step.”
  • “A good product to keep in the office.”
  • “The clips are brilliant for holding the fiber on the teeth during bonding.”
  • “No refrigeration necessary and a five-year shelf life.”
  • “I cannot see how much ribbon is remaining in the bottle.”


F-Splint-Aid Slim is a new, narrow version of the original F-Splint-Aid fiberglass ribbon. F-Splint-Aid Slim has a 2 mm width, compared to the 4 mm original. The ribbon is made of multiple layers of fiberglass and is pre-impregnated with bonding agent. F-Splint-Aid Slim is indicated for splinting loose or avulsed teeth, periodontally involved teeth or temporary pontics. No special scissors are needed to cut F-Splint-Aid Slim to desired length. Plastic clips, provided with kit, stabilize the splint during placement. The kit contains 12 cm of F-Splint-Aid Slim in a bottle of bonding agent plus 5 application clips. F-Splint-Aid Slim was used by nineteen consultants in 75 uses. It received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

F-Splint-Aid Slim is supplied in a dispenser bottle for easy handling. The ribbon feeds through a slot in the top, and the desired amount can easily be cut off. While the ribbon cuts cleanly, subsequent closure of the bottle can crush the end of the fibers, causing fraying. The narrow width of F-Splint-Aid Slim was useful in cases where the 4 mm ribbon was too wide. The inclusion of bonding agent on the fibers was the consultants’ most appreciated feature. It eliminated a step and contributed to the adaptability of the ribbon to the teeth. The application clips were helpful for multi-unit splinting, and the clear plastic allows complete light curing of the underlying materials. Sixty-eight percent of consultants reported that F-Splint-Aid Slim was better than their current splinting system, and 21% reported it was equivalent. Seventy-nine percent would switch to F-Splint-Aid Slim and 90% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Use very sharp scissors to avoid fraying.

  • Use very sharp scissors to avoid fraying.

  • Etch the teeth before applying F-Splint-Aid Slim.