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Dentapreg SFM

Dentapreg America, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “This is an outstanding product that expands the clinician’s tool kit.”
  • “Good instructions written and online.”
  • “Strip is easily manageable and bonds well.”
  • “Fibers do not fray when cut.”
  • “Narrow width is easy to handle and fits well in many situations.”
  • “Somewhat sticky when placing onto teeth.”
  • “Package is hard to open.”
  • “Print the name of the product on the individual packages.”


Dentapreg SFM is a fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) strip pre-impregnated with light-curing resin. It is indicated for splinting of teeth in situations where no tooth preparation is necessary, including periodontal and post-traumatic stabilization and orthodontic retention. An entire line of Dentapreg materials covers additional indications. Dentapreg SFM strips consist of multi-directional braided fibers and are 2 mm wide and 5 cm long. Each strip is individually packaged to protect it from exposure to light. Clinical procedure involves using a total-etch bonding system on the teeth to be splinted; the strips must always be covered with at least one layer of a flowable composite. Each box includes eight strips, a Light Save Box and instructions. Shelf life is three years. Dentapreg SFM was used by 27 consultants in 162 applications. It received a 93% clinical rating.

Product Features

Dentapreg SFM offers very good pliability that aids in placement and adaptation to the teeth. Having the strip pre-impregnated with resin eliminates a step chairside and makes the product convenient to use. The resin in the strip is sensitive to ambient light, allowing limited working time during placement. Dentapreg SFM strips are long enough for most clinical situations, and it is easy to shorten with regular scissors. A slight tackiness of the resin helps hold it in place during adaptation. The narrow strip creates a splint that is not excessively bulky and blends well with the teeth. Seventy-eight percent of consultants found Dentapreg SFM to be better than other fiber reinforcement materials they had used, and 19% found it to be equivalent. Eighty-nine percent of consultants would switch to Dentapreg SFM and 96% would recommend it to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • Completely cover the strip with composite to avoid exposing the fibers during finishing.
  • Protect from ambient light to avoid premature curing and loss of pliability.
  • Adapt strip to teeth with an instrument and tack cure in sections with a 2 mm curing tip.
  • Use dental floss for adaptation interproximally.