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Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish



Duraflor® Halo is a 5% sodium fluoride white varnish for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity and for reduction of postoperative sensitivity. One ml of fluoride varnish contains 50 mg of sodium fluoride in an alcohol-based suspension of resins. The varnish is packaged in a unit-dose, peel-and-apply container along with a brush. Two flavors, Spearmint and Wild Berry, are available; both flavors are white in color. The teeth should be dried before the application of a very thin coat of the varnish, which is then allowed to dry for 10 seconds. The varnish hardens on contact with saliva or moisture. After treatment the patient should be instructed to eat only soft foods and avoid hot liquids for two hours. Each kit contains 32, 0.5-ml unit doses of 5% sodium fluoride white varnish that are conveniently designed to allow the varnish cup to be perforated and securely placed in the provided metal prophy ring; and a 32-count pad of post-application instruction sheets for the patients. Thirty-three consultants evaluated Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish in 521 clinical applications. This product received a 93% clinical rating.

Evaluation Protocol

  • Fifteen editors and clinical consultants of THE DENTAL ADVISOR clinically evaluated Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish.

  • Over 500 varnishing procedures were completed during the evaluation period.

  • Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish was evaluated on a 1 to 5 rating scale:
    1= poor, 2 = fair, 3 = good, 4 = very good, 5 = excellent.

Editors’ Observations

Instructions/Ease of Dispensing
The instructions for use are clearly written in text form, but an illustrated card would have been helpful. The unit-dose packaging is excellent for single patient use with enough material in the container to treat multiple teeth. Each container of material has its own brush to eliminate cross contamination. Helpful patient instruction sheets are enclosed.

The brush is used to stir the varnish to an even consistency before application on the desired tooth surfaces. A thin coating of the varnish is all that is required, and it covers the tooth surfaces very easily. The varnish was judged to be somewhat runny but sticky to touch. A more viscous material would be preferred.

Smoothness and Thoroughness of Coating
The tooth surface should be dried before applying the varnish. The varnish flows smoothly onto the dry tooth surface to form an even coating. Any excess varnish that remains on the teeth may appear spotty after it dries but will eventually rub off the tooth surface.

Setting Time
Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish should be allowed to dry for 10 seconds before the patient is allowed to close his/her mouth. The setting time is very quick after the varnish comes in contact with moisture.

The varnish is colorless after it sets, but some of the excess will appear spotty. The excess will rub off the tooth but that does not affect the efficacy of the varnish. Both the Spearmint and the Wild Berry flavors were well received by the patients.

Comfort During Application
Applying the varnish did not cause any discomfort. Most cases can be treated by drying the tooth surfaces with cotton and then applying the varnish; however, teeth that are extremely sensitive could possibly require anesthesia before application.

Effectiveness Reducing Hypersensitivity
Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish was rated as very effective in reducing cervical sensitivity immediately after application. It can also be used around the margins of interim restorations to reduce sensitivity during the temporization period.


Ninety-five percent of the consultants reported that Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish was equal to or better than the desensitizer they were currently using. Eighty-seven percent would recommend it to a colleague and 79% would switch to Duraflor Halo 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish.