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FluoroDose® 5% Sodium Fluoride

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Seemed to be less sticky than other brands I have used.”
  • “Patients like the variety in flavors.”
  • “Every child liked it!”
  • “Application is smoother than most varnishes.”
  • “Brushes sometimes slip out of the packages before opening.”
  • “Offer a variety pack of flavors.”


FluoroDose is a clear 5% sodium fluoride varnish. FluoroDose is indicated for the treatment of hypersensitive root surfaces and prevention of root decay in older patients, and for caries prevention in children who do not receive fluoride from their water source or from another dental treatment. FluoroDose comes in a unit-dose LolliPack that includes 0.3 ml of varnish packaged with a BendaBrush for application. It is available in four flavors: bubblegum, mint, cherry, and melon. Excess moisture should be removed from the area to be treated. FluoroDose varnish is then applied in a thin layer and allowed to dry for 10 seconds before the patient is instructed to close their mouth. Patients should be instructed to eat soft foods and only cold liquids, excluding alcohol, for two hours after application and not to brush their teeth for a minimum of 4-6 hours. Individual flavors are available in boxes of 120, 600 or 1200 units. FluoroDose was evaluated by 26 consultants in 584 uses. This fluoride varnish received a 93% clinical rating.

Product Features

FluoroDose has less volume than many other fluoride varnishes, and consultants thought it was just the right amount for a single patient treatment without waste. The varnish applies smoothly without clumping and dries clear. The colorful LolliPack packaging was visually appealing to children. Adults and children found the four flavors to be pleasant. 

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Clinical Tips

  •   FluoroDose is a good product to add to dry mouth therapy protocol.