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Core Paste

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I have used it for years and it is very reliable.”
  • “An easier way to mix exact amounts would be nice.”
  • “Flowable, yet stacks nicely.”



Core Paste is a self-cured, radiopaque composite core material that contains fluoride. It is available in white and enamel shades. Core Paste is indicated for core buildups under fixed prostheses when there is insufficient coronal tooth structure remaining and for cementation of posts and pins in conjunction with buildups. The introductory kit includes 25-g jars of Core Paste A and B material (initiator and base) along with mixing sticks, mixing pads, and tips to be used with a composite syringe. Also included in the introductory kit is Bond Link Bond Enhancer, which the manufacturer recommends to increase bond strength when using certain bonding agents. Twenty-four consultants evaluated Core Paste in over 220 restorations. This product received a 91% clinical rating.


Product Features

Overall, consultants rated Core Paste as a good to excellent core material. They found the ease of preparation and quality of the prepared surface to be the best qualities of Core Paste. Very few voids were reported, and the color differentiation between Core Paste and tooth structure was excellent. Manufacturer’s instructions, packaging, consistency, adaptation, working time, and setting time were all rated as good or better. Several consultants felt that mixing the A and B paste together before loading into a syringe was inconvenient, although ease of mixing, ease of dispensing, and syringeability were all rated as good to very good. All but one consultant found no perceptible difference between the two shades. Fifty-seven percent of consultants found Core Paste to be equal to or better than their current composite build-up material, and 57% would recommend Core Paste to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • Wet instruments with resin before manipulation of material to prevent sticking.
  • Condense with finger pressure to minimize voids.
  • About two minutes after placing, one can perform minor sculpting with a composite instrument.