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Core Paste Syringeable (PPL 2008)

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very easy to dispense.”
  • “Simple post and core placement.”
  • “Voids sometimes form in the material.”
  • “Can set too fast in the mixing tip.”



Core Paste Syringeable is a new delivery system of Core Paste composite core material. This new delivery system utilizes a 50-g dual-cartridge auto-mix system for direct intraoral placement. Core Paste Syringeable is radiopaque and is available in kits of self-cured white, self-cured white with fluoride, dual-cured enamel shade. Each kit also contains 20 mixing tips and intraoral tips. Dispensing gun and bonding agent are available separately. The white material is readily distinguished from tooth structure, while the enamel shade is designed to enhance the esthetics of translucent restorations. The dual-cured material permits the use of curing lights to speed setting, while maintaining complete curing in the deeper areas. The setting time of the self-cured materials is about 2:30. The manufacturer recommends using a self- or dual-cured bonding agent such as Tenure Multipurpose Bonding System before placement of Core Paste Syringeable. Twenty-four consultants evaluated Core Paste Syringeable in over 340 cases. This product received a 93% clinical rating.


Product Features

The most frequently mentioned feature of Core Paste Syringeable was its ease of use. Consultants commented on the advantages of the dual-cartridge/automix tip system and the resulting improvement in mixing and dispensing efficiency. The ability to light cure the enamel shade was also highly rated. The white color provides excellent contrast with the tooth structure, and the enamel shade results in an esthetic, natural appearance. The working and setting times are nearly optimal. Consultants found that in most cases, the material had enough body to hold its shape, although occasionally, some slumping was noted. The final surface is smooth and easy to prepare with few voids. More than 75% of consultants indicated that they would purchase and recommend Core Paste Syringeable.

Clinical Tips

  • To prevent voids from occurring, place material in the same manner as impression material.

Editors’ Note: The original evaluation was published in THE DENTAL ADVISOR, Vol. 19, No. 10, December 2002.