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CompCore AF SyringeMix Stack

Premier® Dental Products Company

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The best core material I have used.”
  • “Flows well.”
  • “Sets quickly.”
  • “Too opaque for use under anterior all-ceramic crowns.”


Comp Core AF SyringeMix Stack is a dual-cured, fluoride-releasing, radiopaque composite core build-up material for use in vital and non-vital teeth. The material uses “hyperbranched technology,” which the manufacturer reports it as promoting crosslinking and conversion of monomers to ensure a more complete cure. The product is available in three shades (white, A3, and blue) and refrigeration is recommended for maximum shelf life. The kit evaluated includes two, 9-g syringes; 15 mixing tips; 15 standard intraoral tips; and 10 extra-fine intraoral tips. Bonding agents that are compatible with dual-cured composites, such as IntegraBond, are acceptable as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. The working time is 2.5-3.0 minutes with a chemical cure time of 4.5 minutes. The light curing time is 40-50 seconds. Comp Core AF SyringeMix Stack was evaluated by 34 clinical consultants to build up over 370 teeth. This product received a 95% clinical rating.

Product Features

Comp Core AF SyringeMix Stack provides a consistent mixture of core build-up material that dispenses easily and stacks well. Most consultants liked the smaller mixing tips and syringe delivery, stating this delivery system was easier to manipulate and pass from assistant to operator compared to larger 25-g automix cartridges. Because the material is highly opaque, many consultants waited the recommended time after light curing for the chemical cure before preparing the tooth. The working and setting times are adequate for the majority of core build-ups. Consultants liked the intraoral tips and the ease of placement into post spaces, endodontic accesses and other narrow areas. Sixty-three percent of consultants found Comp Core AF SyringeMix Stack to be equivalent to or better than their current composite core build-up material.

Clinical Tips

  • Warm the material to room temperature before use.
  • To avoid air bubbles, do not pull the tip out of flowing material while injecting.
  • Due to the opacity of the material, the depth of light curing is 2 to 3 mm; however, deeper areas self cure in 4-5 minutes.