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CompCore™ AF SyringeMix™ Stack

Premier® Dental Products Company

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent depth of cure for deep cores.”
  • “Adapts well to tooth.”
  • “Convenient storage – no refrigeration required.”
  • “Stacks and stays in place.”
  • “Quick curing time.”
  • “Radiopaque.”
  • “Cured material is softer than some others.”
  • “I would like the curing time printed on the label.”


CompCore AF SyringeMix Stack is a dual-cured, fluoride-releasing, radiopaque composite core build-up material. It is indicated for the fabrication of core buildups in vital and non-vital teeth. Advancements in the formulation include increased translucency resulting in significant light penetration.  For most cores, CompCore AF SyringeMix Stack can be completely cured by a curing light in 30 seconds. CompCore AF SyringeMix Stack has a working time of 2.5 minutes with an optional final chemical-cure in 4.5 minutes in the mouth. CompCore AF SyringeMix Stack is available in shades A3, white and blue. Each kit includes two 9 g syringes of core material, 15 mixing tips, 15 intraoral tips, and 10 extra-fine intraoral tips. CompCore AF Syringe Mix Stack was evaluated by 28 consultants who placed 514 cores. This core material received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

CompCore AF Syringe Mix Stack has a viscosity that flows well yet stacks with little slumping. The flow provides good adaptation to the preparation and around pins and posts. The small syringes are easy to handle, and the sizes of the intraoral tips allow accurate placement into post spaces and prepared teeth. The enhanced translucency of the A3 shade produced very good blending with the tooth and was rated excellent for use under esthetic ceramic restorations. Thirty-six percent of consultants rated CompCore AF Syringe Mix Stack better than other composite core materials they had used and 54% rated it to be equivalent. Seventy-one percent would switch to CompCore AF Syringe Mix Stack and 96% would recommend it.