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ClearView Scavenging Circuit

Accutron, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Much quieter that other scavengers.”
  • “Tubing does not kink or collapse.”
  • “I love this system. It was easy to install, has a clean appearance and works very well.”
  • “Vacuum gauge is easy to set in the green safe zone.”
  • “Smooth tubing would be easier to wipe clean.”


ClearView Scavenging Circuit is a nitrous oxide delivery and removal system. The circuit consists of a vacuum control assembly, a breathing bag and tubing. The system mounts on most brands of flowmeters, scavenges at NIOSH’s and ADA’s recommended rate of 45 liters per minute, and reduces the amount of nitrous oxide in the ambient air. The components are x-ray compatible, autoclavable and latex free. ClearView Scavenging Circuit was evaluated by 21 consultants in 373 uses. This nitrous oxide system received a 95% clinical rating.

Product Features

ClearView Scavenging Circuit provides quiet delivery and removal of nitrous oxide and oxygen during dental procedures. Adjustment of the scavenger utilizes a knob with a dial gauge that has a clearly marked safe zone. Attachment of the tubing to the nasal hood can be done quickly, and it is stable once connected. The corrugated tubing is flexible but rigid enough that it does not bend or collapse, blocking air flow.

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