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ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods

Accutron, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Nice variety of scents.”
  • “Patients say they are comfortable.”
  • “Seals well around the nose.”


ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods, used to deliver nitrous oxide, have a double-hood design that includes a colored, scented inner hood as well as a transparent outer hood. The addition of this transparent outer hood gives the clinician a visible indication (in the form of condensation), that the patient is properly breathing the nitrous oxide. ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods are contoured for adaptation to the nose and a good facial seal. These hoods have a low profile and are latex free. They are available in adult and pediatric sizes in six scents (orange, bubblegum, vanilla, mint, strawberry, and grape) plus unscented. ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods are available in packages of 12. ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods were evaluated by 25 consultants in 479 uses. This nitrous oxide nasal hood received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods provided a comfortable fit for patients. The material is soft on the face, and the light scents were pleasant. Individually wrapped hoods ensure a fresh item for each patient. The lower profile and clear hood improve operator visibility to the mouth. One of the best features of ClearView Single-Use Nasal Hoods is their stability on a patient’s face. Condensation can be seen through the clear hood, indicating proper nasal breathing.