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Axess Low Profile Nasal Mask System

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The mask was very comfortable for our patients. They loved it. It fit well and didn’t pinch or leave any marks on the patient’s face.”
  • “Easy to assemble and use.”
  • “The mask is lightweight, low profile and small – the tubing is also lightweight.”
  • “I’m able to do dentistry unimpeded using this system.”
  • “I liked the ability to see through the mask.”
  • “We found that the system was effective in delivering nitrous oxide and oxygen.”
  • “I liked the scented masks. Patients didn’t complain about a plastic/rubber smell.”

Clinical Tips

  • Size selection is very important – go down in size.
  • Stretch the mask laterally when placing it and make sure the hose goes behind the ears.
  • Let tubing dry for 5 hours after sterilization before use or it will be tacky and sticky.
  • Turn the vacuum hose to the lowest power – the tight fit allows the evacuation of
  • too much nitrous if you do not adjust the scavenging unit down.
  • When using CSR-wrapping the tubing for sterilization, make sure there are no kinks in it.

Evaluation Highlights

Axess Low Profile Nasal Mask System was evaluated by 33 consultants, and was used 405 times in total.
  • Soft, pliable and low profile translucent and clear single-use masks.
  • Masks available in unscented, bubble-gum and mint scents.
  • Lightweight, autoclavable tubing.
  • Provides for good access to the clinical site.

Special Features

  • Slim, low profile mask allows good visibility and access to the clinical site.
  • Slender, lightweight scavenging circuit tubing to maximize accessibility to the oral cavity.
  • Translucent and clear masks show the patient breathing – the masks fog up on exhalation.
  • Comfortable for patients.


  • Use when nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation is required.


Axess™ Low Profile Nasal Mask System is used to deliver nitrous oxide/oxygen and to remove excess and exhausted gases. It consists of single-use, disposable nasal masks and reusable scavenging circuit tubing. The masks are small, low profile, latex-free and pliable for stability, complete access to oral cavity and to minimize ambient nitrous oxide and gas leakage from the mask. Masks are available in packs of 24 in either small, medium or large and for each size either as unscented (clear), bubble-gum scented (pink) or mint-scented (green) masks. Axess Scavenging Circuits are also latex-free and suitable for Crosstex/Accutron’s RFS Remote Flow System and In-Line/Accu-Vac vacuum controllers. The slender tubing wraps behind the patient’s ears and is secured by a slider under the chin. They are available in single packs with 6-foot long tubing, a complimentary selection of masks, a small gas connector, and various scavenging system adapters. Crosstex and Accutron are now proud members of HuFriedyGroup.