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Cavex Bite&White ExSense

Cavex Holland BV

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Noticeable reduction in sensitivity.”
  • “Pleasant, mild flavor.”
  • “After braces come off, we give Cavex Bite&White ExSense to our patients to use in their retainers to promote remineralization.”
  • “Smooth consistency.”
  • “When I applied Cavex Bite&White ExSense after periodontal therapy, I found my patients had a significant reduction in post-operative sensitivity.”
  • “Custom tray is more comfortable than the boil-and-bite tray.”
  • “Add brief instructions on the tube.”
  • “Additional flavors would be a benefit.”

Clinical Tip

  • Cavex Bite&White ExSense can be placed in the manufacturer’s Cavex Boil&Bite tray or the patient’s whitening trays or retainers.


Cavex Bite&White ExSense is a tooth conditioner designed to deliver relief for sensitive teeth, especially post-whitening. Cavex Bite&White ExSense is a combination of hydroxyapatite, potassium nitrate and hydro-dispersing clay that promotes deep penetration of the hydroxyapatite into the tubuli and micro-cracks of the enamel. As the micro-cracks and tubuli are sealed off, a crystallization process aids in restoring hardness and re-mineralization. Cavex Bite&White ExSense can be applied utilizing a custom tray for 10 minutes or more locally, utilizing a fingertip. Patients should not eat or drink for 30 minutes after application. Cavex Bite&White ExSense is supplied in a 50 g tube and has a mild mint flavor. Cavex Bite&White ExSense was evaluated by 20 consultants in 284 uses. This desensitizing and remineralizing gel received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Cavex Bite&White ExSense gel is easy to apply and effective for desensitizing teeth. It can be used in the dental office and/or dispensed for at-home use. While it was originally developed for use in conjunction with tooth whitening, dentists found it effective for generalized sensitivity and remineralization. Based on a survey of patients who rated their sensitivity before and after use, an average reduction in sensitivity of 40% was observed. Because a 10-minute application is recommended, dentists prefer to supply custom trays to their patients. Patients found the mint flavor to be mild, and some asked for a stronger flavor. Many patients enjoy having flavor choices for their products and asked for more options.

Suggested Retail Cost

$ 11.99 /tube