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Cavex Bite & White

Cavex Holland BV

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I like the instruction pictures on the inside cover of the box.”
  • “Seemed to work well for the patient. No bad taste or odor.”
  • “Only need to use product for 10 days.”
  • “Tray material did not adapt tightly.”
  • “Some patients reported sensitivity.”
  • “Make it whiten better.”
  • “Provide written instructions for patients for loading the tray.”


Cavex Bite & White is a professional, take-home tooth whitening gel with 16% carbamide peroxide for use in lightening the color of natural teeth. The formulation contains 0.1% sodium fluoride and 0.2% potassium nitrate desensitizers. The gel is designed to provide the best results if it is used at least one hour a day for approximately 10 consecutive days. Cavex Bite & White is available in a box with five patient kits and also as a refill with one 3 mL syringe and instructions. The patient kit contains two, 3 mL syringes of 16% carbamide mint-flavored whitening gel; tray case; shade guide; tray material; and instructions. Shelf life is three years if stored under refrigeration when not in use. Cavex Bite & White was evaluated by seven consultants and 20 patients. This whitening system received an 82% clinical rating.

Product Features

The Cavex Bite & White kit provides enough material for 10 days of whitening the upper and lower arches. The patient kit is a basic cardboard box containing the gel-filled syringes and tray case. The packaging is not very durable for travel or long-term storage. Patients liked the short, one-hour treatment time of Cavex Bite & White. No bad taste or odor was reported. Half of the patients experienced tooth sensitivity, and 75% experienced gingival irritation. Most patients (19 out of 20) indicated that Cavex Bite & White whitened their teeth. Of patients who had previously whitened, 85% rated Cavex Bite & White as the same or better than their previous product, while 29% of consultants found it to be the same or better than other take-home whitening kits. Fourteen percent of consultants would switch to Cavex Bite & White and 43% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Have the patient use a sensitivity relief toothpaste starting two weeks before the treatment procedure until two weeks after the treatment.
  • Refrigeration is required for long-term storage.