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Cavex Bite & White Tooth Whitening Pen

Cavex Holland BV

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Attractive and compact design.”
  • “I like not having to take impressions and make custom trays.”
  • “We received positive feedback from our patients.”
  • “Effective application onto proximal surfaces.”
  • “I would like to be able to have my logo printed on the pen.”

Patients’ Comments

  • “Keeps my teeth white after a full bleaching treatment.”
  • “The pen is much easier to use than whitening strips.”
  • “It feels good in the hand, like a very well made product.”
  • “Not the fastest whitening, but the convenience is worth it.”
  • “The taste is a little bitter.”

Clinical Tips

  • Do not eat, drink or smoke for at least 30 minutes after each treatment.
  • Store pen at room temperature.


The Cavex Bite & White Tooth Whitening Pen is a “brush-on” whitening tool designed to be used anywhere at any time. The pen can be used for complete whitening of upper and lower jaw or for isolated touch-ups and difficult to reach spots. The gel contains up to 6% hydrogen peroxide and may be applied to teeth twice a day. The hydrogen peroxide is added in the formulation as PVP-peroxide (polyvinylpyrrolidone), which offers stability of the viscosity and potency of the peroxide also at room temperature. In presence of water (in the mouth), the PVP forms hydrogen peroxide which breaks down rapidly into oxygen radicals and water. Cavex Bite & White Tooth Whitening Pen was evaluated by 30 consultants and 44 patients. This whitening pen received an 86% clinical rating.


Product Features

Cavex Bite & White Tooth Whitening Pen offers a convenient option to tooth whitening, avoiding the need for chair time and impressions. The brush-on gel dries on the teeth in one to two minutes, forming a virtually undetectable film that whitens the teeth. Many patients noticed positive whitening results, and Cavex Bite & White Tooth Whitening Pen performed well as a touch-up after in-office bleaching. Little to no sensitivity was experienced by users, increasing compliance. Dentists enjoyed the stylish packaging and thought that Cavex Bite & White Tooth Whitening Pen would make a great promotional item to give to patients.

Suggested Retail Cost

$ 12,50 /2 mL pen