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Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit

Cavex Holland BV

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The ExSense really helped with sensitivity.”
  • Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit packaging is a professional presentation for patients.”
  • “The pictorial instructions on the box are clear.”
  • “The addition of the activator and conditioner makes the product unique among whiteners.”
  • “The multiple steps may be too much for some patients.”

Patients’ Comments

  • This system has a complete cleaner, whitening gel and follow-up conditioner. Other systems do not have this setup.
  • “Easy to use and effective.”
  • ExSense made a difference in sensitivity.”
  • “It’s a bit cumbersome to use all three products.”

Clinical Tips

  • Avoid over-filling the tray with Bite & White, as it will irritate the soft tissue.
  • Remove the Bite & White gel from the kit and refrigerate.


Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit is a professional take-home dental whitening system. The ABC components are designed to Activate, Brighten and Condition. Activation is achieved using StainLess, a gel designed to remove surface stains and plaque, allowing the whitening product to be in direct contact with the enamel surface. Stainless also raises the pH of the mouth to create a favorable environment for whitening. Bite & White 16% carbamide peroxide whitening gel provides the brightening. The addition of sodium fluoride reinforces enamel while potassium nitrate aids in minimizing any potential sensitivity. Cavex Bite & White only requires one-hour treatments to be effective. The kit also contains ExSense, a desensitizing conditioner containing a blend of hydroxyapatite and hydro-dispersing gel. The gel ensures accelerated dispersion to boost the hydroxyapatite penetration deep into the tubules and micro-cracks in the enamel. Each kit contains a 50 g tube of Stainless; three, 3 mL syringes of Bite & White; a 50 g tube of ExSense; a whitening tray case; shade guide; and instructions. Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit was evaluated by 23 consultants who dispensed it to 57 patients. This take-home whitening system received an 87% clinical rating.


Product Features

Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit is a complete kit of products for patients to take home. Whitening tray material is not included, so offices can follow their normal procedures for tray fabrication. Patients were impressed with the complete kit, and instructions are printed inside the box top. The instruction sheet insert is written for professionals and is too complex for most patients. Effectiveness and sensitivity varied among patients. Eight-seven percent of patients reported that Cavex Bite & White whitened their teeth. While 44% of patients experienced some sensitivity while bleaching, the majority (86%) rated it as mild. The incidence of gingival irritation was slightly higher. After using Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit, 67% of patients would continue using it for touch-up whitening.