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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent consistency and handling. It is easy to dispense, flows well and doesn’t slump.”
  • “Packs well, good marginal adaptation and can be sculpted.”
  • “Great chameleon-like properties and one of the easiest composites to finish that I’ve tried.”
  • “Great polishability!”
  • “Blends well. The blended shade is brilliant for that one patient who’s in between shades.”
  • “Love all the shade options.”
  • “A little hard to dispense and adapt well.”
  • “Layers were challenging without having visible lines/seams.”

Clinical Tips

  • The opaque shades match/adapt well with porcelain repairs and endodontic access opening restorations.
  • For shade matching, extrude a little bit on the tooth and light cure it to check.
  • Great for teeth with minimum remaining coronal structure.

Evaluation Highlights

BRILLIANT EverGlow was evaluated by 33 consultants, and used 771 times.

  • Versatile system with multiple translucency levels
  • Easy to handle and place
  • Good adaptability
  • Esthetic and high luster

Special Features

  • Excellent sculptability, smooth consistency and non-slumping
  • High polishability and gloss retention
  • Adheres to the bonded tooth surfaces rather than sticking to the instrument
  • Esthetic single-shade restorations
  • Versatile shade system with three translucencies


  • All anterior and posterior direct composite single and multi-shade restorations
  • Luting and repairing of ceramic and composite restorations


BRILLIANT EverGlow is a highly esthetic and user-friendly universal submicron hybrid composite. Its filler technology is designed for gloss properties such as a high polishability and long-lasting high luster. It also has convenient sculptability without slumping and good wettability for easy handling. The BRILLIANT EverGlow shade system has three translucency levels and exceptional blending properties allowing for highly esthetic and flexible single-shade and multi-shade restorations. The medium-translucent Universal shades provide an exceptional blending effect, making them ideal for seamless, single-shade restorations. Duo Shades, which match two VITA shades in one (e.g. A2/B2), help reduce decision time and the amount of material in storage. For use in multi-shade restorations, the Universal shades can be combined with opaque masses and translucent enamel masses. Each BRILLIANT EverGlow shade is available separately as a syringe (3 g) or in boxes with 20 uni-dose tips (0.2 g each). Kits containing 4 or 9 shades are also provided and include a Shade Guide with original material for free.