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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I can control the flow – composite doesn’t slump.”
  • “I achieved good surface finish.”
  • “I liked the option of two viscosities.”
  • “The composite is translucent and has a great color match.”
  • “Interproximal voids sometimes occurred when using the resin cone technique.”


BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is a fluoride-releasing and recharging, light-cured flowable restorative material that incorporates Giomer technology. It is indicated for all classes of anterior and posterior restorations and for the repair of restorations and prostheses. BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is designed to be a base, a liner and a final restorative all in one. This flowable composite is available in two viscosities and is delivered from syringes designed for no dripping or oozing. BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus cures in 20 seconds with a halogen light unit and in 10 seconds with an LED light-curing unit when placed in 2 mm increments. Zero Flow (F00) shades are: Bleach White , A0.5, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, Opaque shades A0.5-O, A1-O, A2-O, and Incisal. Low Flow (F03) shades are: Bleach White,  A0.5, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, Opaque shades A2-O, A3-O, Incisal, Milky White, and Cervical. The BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus Introductory Kit (available for a limited time only) contains four 2.2-g syringes of composite: one each of shades A2 and A3 in each of the two viscosities; manufacturer’s instructions; and product information. BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is also available in refill syringes. BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus was evaluated by 15 consultants in 377 uses. BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus received a 91% clinical rating.

Clinical Observations

Packaging/Manufacturer’s Instructions

BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is packaged in familiar syringes. Color-coded labels distinguish the two different viscosities. A laminated technique guide, for chairside use, is available upon request, as a reference for the layering technique.

Ease of Dispensing

Consultants rated ease of dispensing as good. There were no air inclusions or bubbles observed during dispensing.

Ease of Placement/Stackability/Viscosity

Consultants rated ease of placement, stackability and viscosity as good to very good. The material doesn’t slump. Seventy-seven percent of the consultants liked the choice of two viscosities of BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus. The ability to use a flowable composite for all restorations was an advantage for select cases.

Resin Cone Technique

Sixty percent of the consultants used the resin cone technique – a four-layer technique utilizing both viscosities for posterior restorations. With proper matrix band adaptation, class II restorations with tight contacts can be produced.

Shade Match Before and After Curing

Shade match before and after curing was good. The translucency of the composite enables blending with the surrounding enamel.

Ease of finishing and Polishing/Final Esthetics

Since occlusal anatomy cannot be sculpted, additional finishing is required. Ease of finishing and final esthetics were rated as good to very good. Consultants liked the polishability.


Forty-seven percent of consultants reported that BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus was better than their current flowable composite and 38% reported that this universal flowable composite was better than their current packable universal composite. Fifty-three percent would switch to BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus and 73% would recommend it.