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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I like that it is offered in two viscosities.”
  • “Stackable when needed and flowable where indicated. Placement is easy.”
  • “Easy to use, good flow, bioactive and versatile. A very good flowable composite.”
  • “Excellent polishability and shade match. The material picks up the underlying tooth shade.”
  • “Excellent dispensing. I liked that the syringe has a rotating finger rest.”
  • “It stops dispensing when you want it to, without drawing or dripping.”
  • “Resists slumping and allows you to better control placement of the final restoration.”
  • “Works well in distal proximal boxes, it stays put and doesn’t flow all over the matrix.”
  • “I like that you don’t have to use a second composite for the outer layer.”
  • “F00 was a touch difficult to extrude.”
  • “Difficult to flow into small areas.”
  • “I noticed a color shift in some restorations. The A2 shade was a bit dull and translucent.”

Clinical Tips

  • I use Beautifil Flow Plus X for build-ups. It stays exactly where placed and cuts like dentin.
  • The F00 is more stackable. It is good for small Class I and III restorations and works well for cervical restorations. F03 is great for Class V restorations.
  • Use a fine tipped explorer to help tease the material into small areas.
  • After dispensing, let it sit for 10 seconds as it levels out.
  • F00 is useful for areas adjacent to crown margins where recurrent caries was present and works nicely to add to temporary restorations.

Evaluation Highlights

BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus X was evaluated by 27 consultants, with 645 total uses.

  • Excellent handling properties
  • Flowable, stackable and sculptable without slumping
  • Versatile
  • High strength
  • Highly polishable and good esthetics

Unique Features

  • Contains Giomer technology and patented nano S-PRG filler
  • Stackable and sculptable
  • High compressive and flexural strengths
  • Low water sorption and shrinkage
  • High level of polishability
  • Chameleon effect
  • Releases strontium, silica, aluminum, borate and sodium ions
  • Releases and recharges fluoride for caries prevention


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BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus X is an ion-releasing, radiopaque, flowable, nanofilled hybrid resin. It is formulated to offer high compressive and flexural strength, low water sorption, and excellent handling properties.
It contains patented nano S-PRG filler (400 nm) with a multifunctional glass core providing for high radiopacity and light transparency that matches enamel for esthetics. The filler’s glass ionomer phase around the glass core provides for fluoride release and recharge, and it releases strontium, aluminum, silicate, borate and sodium ions. The surface-modified outer layer provides for its strength and long-term stability. This material is also acid neutralizing. BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus X is available in 2.2 g syringes in two viscosities. F00 has minimal flowability, does not deform when layered, and is available in 15 shades. F03 is more flowable and available in 16 shades.