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Zooby™ Prophy Angles

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I liked the kid friendly designs and their names.”
  • “The animal characters were great for children ages 2-8. It really helped to engage the patient.”
  • “Zooby Prophy Angles performed as well or better than any prophy angles I have”
  • “The quality and design are great.”
  • “I will definitely keep a box on hand for the little ones.”
  • “Some kids took a while to choose which one to use.”
  • “Cup size is a little big for primary teeth.”


Zooby™ Prophy Angles are disposable, latex-free prophy angles with a soft web cup to ensure low splatter. They fit all slow speed handpieces and are available in five creative animal designs: Penelope the Penguin,Francesca the Flamingo, Chase the Cheetah, Talon the Tiger and Zoe the Zebra. Each package contains 100 assorted prophy angles (20 of each design). Zooby Prophy Angles were evaluated by 30 consultants and 129 patients in 797 uses. They received a 98% clinical rating.

Product Features

Patient response to Zooby Prophy Angles was overwhelmingly positive. The animal characters are kid friendly, and hygienists and parents agreed that it helped overcome apprehension in young patients. Even older children enjoyed having a choice of animals, with the penguin being the most popular. Most consultants reported no problems with stalling or lack of torque. Eighty percent of consultants reported that use of Zooby Prophy Angles reduced the anxiety of their patients during tooth polishing. Ninety-seven percent of kids and 100% of their parents wanted Zooby Prophy Angles used at their next visit. Sixty-five percent of parents reported their child was calmer with the use of this product. Ninety-three percent of consultants reported that Zooby Prophy Angles performed the same as or better than their current disposable prophy angles. Ninety percent would switch to Zooby Prophy Angles and 97% would recommend them.