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Splatter Guard® Classic Petite Web LF

Young Dental Mfg


  • 35 Clinical Evaluators
  • 917 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “They seemed to have a good grip on the teeth and were incredibly easy to use.”
  • “The short narrow neck made for easy access.”
  • “One of my patients said she felt I was using something different and she commented that she liked the way it felt on her teeth.”
  • “The wiper is amazing! No ropy saliva whipping everywhere!”
  • “Great design – I will definitely incorporate this into our hygiene program.”
  • “The cup was very firm.”
  • “The cup seemed smaller to me; I would have liked a little bigger flare.”
  • “Very dependable and consistent product.”
  • “Excellent product, especially during Covid, to avoid splatter.”
  • “Very Smart Product!”


  • Cleaning and polishing of all tooth surfaces

Clinical Tips

  • Take advantage of the built-in flex to adapt to all tooth surfaces.
  • The cup is firm, pushing harder doesn’t help and the harder you push, the less effective the splatter guard reacts.





The Splatter Guard Classic Petite Web LF is a prophy angle that:

  • Features a wiper, designed to significantly reduce or eliminate splatter
  • Has a short length
  • Has a narrow neck line
  • Features Young’s Petite Web cup
  • Flexes and flares around tooth contours due to the smooth four-webbed cup

Unique Attributes

  • These prophy angles can be used on any handpiece; however, it is maximized to work with the Infinity Hygiene Handpiece.
  • An already popular-style prophy angle improved with the addition of the anti-splatter wiper.