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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Cleans up better than most temporary cements.”
  • “Good esthetics.”
  • “Great color and translucency; I would use this for all of my temporary cementations in aesthetic areas.”
  • “I would like a quicker setting time.”


ZONEfree is a zinc-oxide, non-eugenol temporary cement intended for the cementation of temporary crowns and bridges. According to the manufacturer, this product is the only translucent zinc-oxide non-eugenol temporary cement on the market due to its proprietary prismatic nanofillers. Because it is eugenol-free, ZONEfree does not inhibit the polymerization of resin luting cements used on the permanent restoration. Excess temporary cement can be removed after 2:00 minutes in the mouth and the final set time is 2:30 minutes (see Editors’ Note). ZONEfree comes packaged in an auto-mix, dual-barrel syringe that is pre-equalized, resulting in less waste, as no extrusion of material is necessary prior to tip placement. Eight mixing tips are included. ZONEfree was evaluated by 28 consultants in 464 uses. This temporary cement received an 88% clinical rating.

Product Features

The translucent quality of ZONEfree allows it to be used under esthetic restorations including thin veneers. It does not produce the shine-through often seen with more opaque cements. Dispensing with the auto-mix syringe is neat and easy, with less waste since there is no need to extrude material before use. The cement has a creamy consistency that is smooth to spread, and working time is adequate for multiple units. Setting time was longer than desired (see Editors’ Note), but even when fully set, clean-up of excess cement received positive comments from nearly all consultants who evaluated ZONEfree. Removal of temporary crowns required little effort with easy cleanup of the prepared tooth. Some failures of temporary crown retention were reported. Forty-six percent of consultants rated ZONEfree better than other temporary cements they had used, and 21% rated it equivalent. Fifty-four percent of consultants would switch to ZONEfree, and 75% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Petrolatum or mineral oil can be added when less strength is desired.

  • Stabilize the provisional restoration during cleanup to avoid dislodging it.


  • Wait the recommended time before removing excess cement.

Editors’ Note:

Since this evaluation, the formulation of this product has changed. The setting time has been shortened. Excess temporary cement can be removed after 1:30 minutes in the mouth and the final set time is 2 minutes.