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Provicol QM Plus

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I liked the ease of use with the automix, and dispensing with the syringe.”
  • “Great consistency. Flows well and stays where placed. Temporaries  stayed in place.”
  • “Most of the cement stays in the temporary after removing it, making  clean-up easy.”
  • “This cement was easy to clean up, both during seating and removal of temporaries.”
  • “Retention was good, none of the temporaries came off. Lack of  sensitivity too.”
  • “I like the calcium hydroxide in it.”
  • “Great for multiple units.”
  • “Excellent – it is my new ‘go to’ temp cement for multiple units.”
  • “I would like greater viscosity and a fast-set formulation.”

Clinical Tips

  • Clean up after the initial set – it’s hard to remove excess after 4  minutes.
  • Bleed the container prior to attaching mixing tip.
  • It may take more than 4 minutes before it is fully set.
  • Practice with the material when you start using it to find the optimal time for clean-up of excess cement.

 Evaluation Highlights

Provicol QM Plus was evaluated by 33 consultants for a total  of 525 times.
  • Easy to dispense.
  • Easy to use.
  • Flows well.
  • Easy clean-up.


  • Cementation of temporary crowns and bridges.
  • Temporary cementation of permanent restorations.

Unique Feature

  • Two-stage curing allows for easy removal of excess cement immediately following the initial gel set.


Provicol QM Plus is a non-eugenol, radiopaque temporary cement formulated to provide good marginal seal. It contains calcium hydroxide, which promotes the formation of tertiary dentin and is known to be bacteriostatic, and zinc oxide, which offers antibacterial activity. Provicol QM Plus has a working time of 1 minute at  room temperature. The initial gel set occurs in 1 minute intra-orally, stabilizing the temporary and enabling easy clean-up of excess cement. The final set takes 4 minutes. Provicol QM Plus is available as an automix version for quick mixing, as well as in tubes. The automix version is delivered in 5 mL syringes together with mixing tips.