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Vera by Young

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “I love how I can use every surface of the cup to clean all areas of a tooth.”
  • “Concentric rotation with no wobble.”
  • The slim size is awesome!”
  • “It is a durable prophy angle that does not break down.”
  • “It is the only prophy angle I have used that it is splatter free.”


Vera® by Young is a disposable prophy angle designed for improved Visibility, Ergonomics, Reach and Access. The size is small and compact with a slim neck and a smooth, rounded head to help with patient comfort and deliver maneuverability in the mouth in a variety of clinical situations, such as tight buccal mucosa, small mouths and third molars. Vera by Young is available in two cup styles: the soft, latex-free Elite Original™ cup with inner and outer ridges for reduced splatter, and improved interproximal cleaning and stain removal; and the soft, latex-free Petite Web™ cup, which offers flex and flare. Vera by Young is available in Classic and Contra styles; Vera by Young is available in boxes of 125 or 750 angles. Vera by Young was evaluated by 37 consultants in 2095 uses. This disposable prophy angle received a 98% clinical rating.

Product Features

Vera by Young is a solidly built disposable prophy angle that functioned flawlessly during the evaluation period. The fit to the handpiece is excellent, and it runs smoothly with no chatter. The small, rounded head and narrow neck provide good access to posterior areas and improved visibility. The ridges on the Elite Original cup allow polishing with the inner and outer surfaces of the cup. The ribbing adds stiffness to the cup, and stain removal is very good.

Retail Cost

$113.30/125 angles

$633.45/750 angles