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Venus Bulk Flow ONE


  •    36   Clinical Evaluators
  • 525   Uses
  • 92% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Nice chameleon, color match and polishability.”
  • “Good viscosity compared to other brands of bulk-fill flow. Stayed where I put it.”
  • “I currently don’t use a flowable bulk- this is a nice addition.”
  • “Worked great for placement of deep Class I restorations, small interproximal boxes, and multi-surface restorations.”
  • “Very good material that has excellent handling, shade matching, and no capping needed.”
  • “The shade matching was very good.”
  • “I would like it if it were just a bit thicker.”
  • “Bulk fill ability, viscosity was amazing.”


Venus Bulk Flow One is a flowable one-shade bulk-fill composite:

  • Adaptive light matching technology
  • Bulk-fill cavities up to 4 mm
  • No capping layer necessary
  • High radiopacity of 250% AL
  • Self-leveling effect of flowable composite

Unique Attributes

  • This material is the first one-shade bulk-fill composite in a flowable viscosity.
  • The ability to use this material in the posterior without a capping layer can save a lot of time in placement.


  • All clinical cases where a flowable viscosity is ideal
  • Class I, II, III, and V cavity preparations

Clinical Tips

  • Deep posterior Class II fillings would definitely benefit from a blocker for getting a good shade match.
  • Keep your hand pressure steady on the plunger, don’t loosen it and press again or you might get some bubbles.