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SimpliShade Bulk Fill

Kerr Corporation


  •     56 Clinical Evaluators
  • 1034 Total Uses
  •  89% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I was able to work much quicker with Class II restorations and on children with this product.”
  • “Didn’t stick to instruments while manipulating.”
  • “No capping layer required – a great feature!”
  • “No fluoride release”
  • “Excellent seal but visible pending the shade of the tooth”
  • “Offer different shades with translucency.”


SimpliShade Bulk Fill is a bulk fill composite that:

  • Requires no capping layer
  • Is one shade that covers all 16 VITA classical shades
  • Utilizes special nanofiller architecture which mimics natural enamel structure and interacts with light for indistinguishable blending


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Unique Attributes

  • ART3 Technology – Adaptive Response Technology which offers easy handling and low shrinkage
  • One shade blends with 16 VITA Classical shades
  • Cures up to 5 mm
  • Special nanofiller architecture mimics the natural enamel structure and interacts with light for virtually indistinguishable blending

Clinical Tips

  • Compress material well against the preparation walls.
  • If a tooth is between shades, this is a great product to choose.
  • Always cure from the buccal, lingual, and occlusal surfaces.
  • Pack well and cure material completely.
  • Useful for cervical lesions.


  • Direct placement in anterior and posterior teeth
  • Core build-ups
  • Repair of defects in restorations