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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to dispense, place and remove. Excellent tear strength. Great material.”
  • “The two minute set time combined with the two minute working time is something I have never experienced in a VPS before – awesome!”
  • “The surface detail and viscosity of the extra light body is phenomenal.”
  • “I liked that the tray material is stiff and will push the wash material into the sulcus.”
  • “Setting time is quick and colors are very distinguishable, making it easier to read the details.”
  • “The fact that it is flavorless appealed to patients.”
  • “The heavy body material was hard to extrude and it was difficult to fill the tray. It was tacky.”
  • “Color contrast at the margins could be better.”
  • “I did not like the dark blue color of the heavy body material – it was hard to read.”
  • “This material is accurate, gives great detail and has good flowability.”

Clinical Tips

  • The heavy body material flows well around implant components.
  • After a couple of impressions, I extended the setting time to 2:45 and felt that was adequate.
  • Use the extra light material to check for contact binding in chairside locator housing.
  • Reserve the extra light for the mandibular arch – it is too runny for the maxillary arch.
  • Use retraction cord to get good margins.
  • I would recommend the heavy body only for triple tray impressions.

Evaluation Highlights

V-Posil was evaluated by 34 consultants, and used 555 times in total.

  • Four viscosities, two heavy and two light flowable materials.
  • Hydrophilic
  • Good tear strength and elastic recovery
  • Easy to remove once set

Unique Features

  • Adjustable working time
  • Rapid snap set
  • Extremely low contact angle for excellent hydrophilicity
  • High tear strength
  • High elastic recovery after deformation


  • Full range of impression techniques
  • Reline/rebase impressions and impressions for removable dental prostheses


V-Posil is a vinylpolysiloxane (VPS) impression system that is formulated to offer up to two minutes of adjustable working time, combined with a rapid snap set and short setting time. It has a low contact angle of 10°, offering hydrophilicity and is designed to also displace fluids for improved accuracy. In addition, this impression material is formulated to offer excellent tear strength and elastic recovery. V-Posil is available in three tray material viscosities (Putty Fast, Mono Fast and Heavy Soft Fast), and in two wash materials (Light Fast and X-Light Fast). All viscosities are available in 50 mL cartridges. V-Posil Heavy Soft Fast and V-Posil Mono Fast are also available in a 380 mL automix cartridge. Mixing tips and intra-oral tips are available as accessories.