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Ultra-Bond Plus

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Automix tips are very convenient.”
  • “Good viscosity of cement makes restoration seating easy.”
  • “Light-curing test rings allowed us to dial-in curing light time for optimal clean-up.”
  • “Reduce the self-cure time to 7-10 minutes.”


Ultra-Bond Plus is a radiopaque, multi-purpose, dual-cured resin cement. It is designed for use with ceramic veneers, inlays/onlays and crowns. The light-curing time is 30 seconds with a QTH light. The material takes 10-15 minutes to self cure. Ultra-Bond Plus is available in 4 shades: White, Clear, A1, and A3. Light-curing test rings come with the multi-shade kit to check the curing depth with specific lights. The multi-shade kit evaluated includes:

  • 4 dual-barrel syringes (White, Clear, A1, A3)
  • Cerinate Primer
  • Porcelain Conditioner
  • Dab-Eze Tenure S
  • 30 automix tips
  • Accessories and instructions

Twenty-one consultants used Ultra-Bond Plus in over 226 cementation procedures.

Product Features

Most of the features of Ultra-Bond Plus were well received by consultants. All consultants rated the instructions and packaging of the system as good to excellent. The multi-shade kit is very complete, and the overall ease of use of the system was highly rated. The primer and cement viscosities were judged to be very good, and the ease of mixing and dispensing the cement with the automix tips were the most-liked features. While consultants appreciated the longer working time, many preferred a reduction in the self-cure time. Clean-up of the cement was reported to be fairly easy. While some consultants would have preferred additional shade varieties for the cementation of translucent restorations, the final esthetics of restorations was rated very good. Seventy-nine percent of consultants rated Ultra-Bond Plus the same as or better than their current resin cement; 50% would purchase it, and 75% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Take the kit out of the refrigerator ahead of time so the material flows better.

Editors’ Note: Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In Paste is now available. The shades of the resin-based, non-setting paste correspond to the shades included in the cement kit.