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NX3 Nexus Third Generation

Kerr Corporation

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Both cements have excellent viscosity.”
  • “The easiest cement on veneers we have ever used.”
  • “Very hard set even without using the light for the dual-cured cement.”
  • “I thought the light-cured cement was too thick.”
  • “The light-cured syringes seemed small.”
  • “Make this product with an angled tip adapter for placement.”


NX3 Nexus Third Generation is a light- and dual-cured esthetic resin cement that is compatible with both total- and self-etch adhesives. It contains nano-fillers for improved handling and polishing properties. The choice of delivery system includes an auto-mix, a dual-cured cement (base/catalyst) and a single-syringe, light-cured (base) for cementation of multiple porcelain laminates. The auto-mixing dual-cured syringe can be used for all indirect cementations including laminates, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, posts, and office CAD/CAM-fabricated restorations. The amine-free initiator system provides color stability for both the light- and dual-cured cements for long-term esthetics. The water soluble try-in gels are matched to the light- and dual-cured cements. The manufacturer recommends Optibond Solo Plus and Optibond All-In-One adhesives with NX3. The kit contains one each of the following in shades of clear, white and yellow: 1.8-g light-cure syringes; 5-g dual-cured, auto-mix syringes; and 3-g syringes of try-in paste. The kit also includes a 5-ml bottle of silane, mixing tips and a laminated technique guide. Twenty-six consultants evaluated NX3 in 307 cementation procedures. This product received a 97% clinical rating.

Product Features

NX3 is packaged with a compact instruction manual and an excellent laminated instruction card, which has large, easy-to-follow illustrations. Ninety-five percent of the consultants responded that they prefer a resin cement kit containing both the light- and dual-cured cement. The delivery system for the light-cured and the auto-mix, dual-cured cement eliminates the need for mixing and allows placement of the cement directly into the restoration. The viscosity and shade selection of both cements work well for all types of restorations. Working and setting time were judged to be very good. Ease of excess cement removal before the final set, esthetics, and lack of postoperative sensitivity were rated as excellent. The cement is compatible with both total-etch and self-etch adhesives. One hundred percent of the consultants found NX3 to be equal to or better than the current resin cement they were using, and 100% would recommend it. Eighty-four percent would switch to NX3 Nexus Third Generation.