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Twist Polishing Kit

Meisinger USA, L.L.C.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great system. Easy to use.”
  •  “Just follow instructions and enjoy the outcome.”
  • “The polished surface is noticeably smooth and shiny, with a high gloss and no scratches.”
  • “These are also great for polishing temporaries.”
  • “Having a one-piece polisher takes away the worry of it detaching in the mouth.”
  • “They held together and could be used multiple times.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use light pressure and brush-stroke movements to get a great finish.
  • Make sure to follow all steps.
  • Use the proper handpiece speed and angle control to achieve luster.
  • Make sure the handpiece is not on reverse rotation as the polishing fingers will break off.

Evaluation Highlights

Twist Polishing Kit was evaluated by 26 consultants, with a total of 495 uses.

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible polishers
  • Reach difficult-to-access areas
  • High-gloss on composite restorations
  • Preserve the restoration surface
  • Autoclavabl



  • High-gloss polishing of composite restorations.

Unique Features

  • Flexible polishing lamellae.
  • Good access on occlusal surfaces and difficult to reach areas.
  • Graduated diamond grit for durability.


The MEISINGER Twist Polishing Kit is designed for easy, high-gloss polishing of all composite restorations. The flexible polishing lamellae enables adaptation of the polisher to any surface structure and to areas that are difficult to reach, such as grooves on occlusal surfaces. The polishers are gentle, preserving the original surface structure of the restoration. The pre-polishing step removes surface roughness and the final polishing step results in a high gloss. In addition, the diamond grit grades are separated into two parts, for short processing times and durability. It is recommended that the MEISINGER Twist Polishers be used at 10,000 to 12,000 rpm. MEISINGER’s Twist Polishing Kit is available as a single kit with an autoclavable bur block, 4 pre-polishers (9769M; 2 each in sizes 100 and 140) and 4 high-shine polishers (9769F; 2 each in sizes 100 and 140).