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Ti Max Z95L

Consultants’ Comments

  • “This is a high quality handpiece – quiet, vibration-free and dependable.”
  • “Gets into tight areas well.”
  • “Small head.”
  • “Curved angle improves access.”
  • “Best handpiece I have ever used.”
  • “Titanium is lighter than stainless steel, but still heavier than air-driven handpieces.”


The Ti-Max Z95L is a high-speed (1:5 increasing) contra-angle attachment for e-type electric motors. The Ti-Max Z series of attachments are designed to offer improved visibility through the reduction of head and neck size. While the Ti-Max Z95L has a lightweight titanium body, its gear shape and carbon coating provide durability and minimal noise output. The contra angle has a four-port spray for effective cooling and runs with almost no vibration. An internal micro-filter traps waterline debris to promote consistent water flow.  In addition, the handpiece carries a 2-year warranty. Ti-Max Z95L was evaluated by 12 consultants during a three-month period. This high-speed handpiece attachment received a 98% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Ti-Max Z95L is lightweight and well balanced and fits nearly any brand of e-style motor. Visibility in the mouth is improved by the slim neck and slightly narrow head. All of the functional features of Ti-Max Z95L were rated the same as or better than larger-sized attachments. Relatively quiet operation is combined with good ergonomics for user comfort. High torque and smooth operation result in procedures being performed efficiently.

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