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Ti-Max Z900L

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great all-around handpiece.”
  • “Seamless transition from my regular handpiece.”
  • “Very smooth and concentric.”
  • “Even water spray.”
  • “Slim neck – good visibility.”


Ti-Max Z900L is an air-driven, high-speed handpiece that delivers 26 watts of power and operates between 320,000 and 400,000 rpm. A proprietary, specially shaped turbine allows for this power output, enabling fast cutting as well as a smooth, consistent cutting feel. The handpiece features a solid titanium body with a DURAGRIP coating. A slim neck, 94° angled head, and a unique finger and thumb notch enhance ergonomics and access. The Ti-Max Z900L is equipped with cellular glass optics and long-lasting ceramic bearings. The Ti-Max Z series handpieces fit NSK, Kavo, Midwest, Star, and W&H Roto Quick couplers. Ti-Max Z900L was evaluated by seven consultants in 228 uses. This high-speed handpiece received a 98% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Ti-Max Z900L performed equal to or better than the high-end handpieces Consultants were using in their practices. Ti-Max Z900L ran smoothly with high power output for efficient cutting of all materials. The narrow neck contributed to improved visibility and access in the mouth. The DURAGRIP coating allowed a positive grip and improved control even in wet conditions. Illumination was rated excellent.

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