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TheraCal™ LC (PR)

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BISCO’s TheraCal™ LC

The first light-cure flowable with a purpose…to stimulate and assist in regenerating dentin!

TheraCal LC is dentistry’s first HEMA-free, radiopaque, flowable resin liner to contain “apatite stimulating” calcium silicates. TheraCal LC’s placement serves to seal, protect and stimulate the natural healing process of pulpal and dentin repair. Regeneration is optimized with the use of a material that serves as a barrier, creating an alkaline healing environment, and most importantly, releasing calcium stimulating ions to mobilize repair.  

TheraCal LC is the innovative alternative to the commonly used calcium releasing materials of CaOH, mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and capsulated portland cement. It also can be used as the replacement for resin-modified glass ionomer liners (RMGI) due to TheraCal LC’s excellent handling, ease of placement, insolubility and enhanced regenerative properties.  

TheraCal LC was developed to incorporate the proven clinical benefits of calcium releasing materials and the sealing ability of RMGI, but without the cytotoxicity of HEMA and solubility of the paste/paste materials currently in use (e.g. CaOH products). 

TheraCal LC is dispensed directly onto affected moist tissues from a flowable syringe; no mixing, clicking or triturating.  Direct placement offers the security of providing an immediate protective barrier for the pulp stimulating naturally occurring apatite revitalization for pulpal protection.  TheraCal LC is light- cured in 20 second impulses in 1mm increments.  Because of its’ thixotropic properties, TheraCal LC’s precise placement simplifies its’ use in all deep cavity preparations, including direct pulp capping, and will not rinse away.  

TheraCal LC is the first resin modified calcium silicate which can be placed directly on pulpal exposures after hemostasis is obtained and is indicated for any exposures, including carious, mechanical or exposures due to trauma.