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Bisco Dental Products


  • 62 Clinical Evaluators
  • 1114 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “It adhered well to dentin. I was able to build thicker amounts, and it did not wash away when I used the total-etch technique.”
  • “This auto-mix dispensing tip makes the ease of placement superior to other light-cured liners.”
  • “It stays where you put it and adheres very well to the tooth structure.”
  • “Easy to dispense and flows nicely.”
  • “Canula tip makes exact placement easy.”
  • “So easy to use and my patients reported that they had no sensitivity.”
  • “Opaqueness made for great visualization of where it was placed.”
  • “I found it difficult to use on multiple teeth during the same visit without having to use multiple tips. The material would set quickly in the tip.”
  • “A little thick and slightly runny to me.”


  • Base or liner under restorations

Clinical Tips

  • Use TheraBase for any questionable close encounter with the pulp.
  • Press the plunger slowly with an even pressure to get the ideal flow of material.
  • The tip can be pre-bent to better place the material in posterior teeth. I would recommend using the tips specifically designed for this material.
  • I found it great to use in deep restorations where it was difficult to isolate the area.
  • Use for minor block-outs during a crown prep when a full-blown core is not indicated.
  • Great viscosity to build up areas of axial caries in deep preparations.





TheraBase is a base/liner that is:

  • Calcium and fluoride releasing
  • Self-adhesive utilizing MDP for dentin bonding
  • Radiopaque
  • Dual-cured
  • Alkaline