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  • 17 Clinical Evaluators
  • 240 Total Uses
  • 94% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “This is the easiest material to use –I love it!”
  • “The material is quite durable.”
  • “I would like a more universal shade.”
  • “Shorten the setting time.”


Tempit is a temporary filling material intended for sealing endodontic access openings. This is a reformulation of the original Tempit with improved resistance to leakage. It is now supplied in 0.35-g unit-dose capsules for direct placement in the tooth. Tempit is a white-colored material that sets upon contact with moisture. The unit-dose capsules are compatible with most composite guns. Seventeen consultants used Tempit in over 240 procedures.

Unique Attributes

Consultants appreciated the concise instructions and packaging of Tempit . The unit-dose capsules were well received, and all consultants commented on the ease of use with the new delivery system. The unit-dose packaging keeps the material soft, in contrast to similar materials supplied in jars or tubes that tend to become dry and crumbly after opening. Consultants found that 1 capsule was sufficient for filling small- to moderate-size access openings, while large areas required 2 capsules. Tempit becomes firm about 5 minutes after placement and sets hard in 20-30 minutes. The most-liked feature of Tempit was the durability of the material. Eighty-seven percent of consultants stated that Tempit was the same as or better than their current temporary material; 82% of consultants would purchase it, and 88% would recommend it.


Note: Tempit is available in a Eugenol version, Tempit-E which is a 2024 Preferred Award Winner