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Consultants’ Comments

  • “The single-use dispenser is excellent and easy to activate.”
  • “Just one coat is needed and the material stays in the light-proof container.”
  • “Nice viscosity – coats the tooth well.”
  • “Difficult to maintain the bend on the brush if you have to dip it in the container multiple times.”
  • “The working end of the applicator brush is too thin and flexible.”


TECO is a 5th-generation light-cured bonding agent for use with light-cured composite in direct and indirect restorations. Etching the enamel and dentin surfaces is required (total-etch technique) before applying TECO. The etched and rinsed tooth surface should have a moist, frosty appearance and should not be desiccated. The adhesive is brushed onto the tooth surface for 20 seconds and air dried lightly for five seconds. The adhesive is then light cured for 10 seconds with a light that has an intensity of at least 400 mW/cm2. The adhesive is supplied in the patented SilvR single-dose dispenser. The kit evaluated contained 60, 0.12-ml single doses of the TECO adhesive, a 2-ml syringe of etching gel and a reference card. Twenty-nine consultants evaluated TECO in more than 760 clinical applications. This product received a 94% clinical rating.

Product Features

The written instructions are supplemented with a laminated, illustrated card for quick reference. Consultants evaluated TECO in the SilvR single-dose dispenser which has the applicator brush attached. This patented delivery system was judged to be unique and easy to use. A simple press of the silver foil bag wets the attached brush, which is then removed, and the adhesive is applied directly to the etched tooth surface. There is sufficient bonding agent in the container for multiple restorations. All aspects of the TECO adhesive such as dispensing, application and viscosity were rated as very good. The lack of postoperative sensitivity was also a highly rated feature of this adhesive. The only negative comment related to the kit was the thickness of the etching gel. Eighty-eight percent of the consultants rated TECO the same as or better than the adhesive they were currently using and 79% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • This adhesive should not be used with self-cured restorative materials. If dual-cured restoratives are used with TECO, the restorative material must be light-cured.