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PRIMA 2000

B.J.M. Laboratories

Consultants’ Comments

  • “No post-op sensitivity.”
  • “Low film thickness.”
  • “Excellent esthetic results.”
  • “Complete procedure is time consuming.”
  • “Strong odor.”

Clinical Tip

  • Refrigeration is recommended.


PRIMA 2000 (B.J.M. Laboratories) is a 5th-generation bonding agent combining primer and adhesive in one bottle. PRIMA 2000 (B.J.M. Laboratories) is compatible with all self-cure or light-cure composite, compomer, and resin cements. Clinical procedure includes etching and rinsing the tooth followed by application of PRIMA 2000 (B.J.M. Laboratories), leaving it undisturbed for 15 seconds, applying air for 15 seconds, and light curing for 20 seconds. PRIMA 2000 (B.J.M. Laboratories) is supplied in a 5 mL dropper bottle with a laminated instruction card. PRIMA 2000 (B.J.M. Laboratories) was evaluated by 23 consultants in 662 uses. This 5th-generation bonding agent received an 86% clinical rating.


Product Features

PRIMA 2000 (B.J.M. Laboratories) has a low viscosity and good wetting ability for complete coverage of the etched surface. Material should be dispensed at the time of use, as the acetone solvent evaporates quickly. It can be dispensed directly onto a brush tip for small procedures or into a well for application onto multiple teeth. A shorter procedure time and curing time would have been preferred. PRIMA 2000 (B.J.M. Laboratories) is colorless and conducive to esthetic restorations with no white line at the margin.