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STATMATIC is a handpiece maintenance unit designed to accommodate a variety of handpieces and comes standard with 2 E-type and 1 Multiflex coupling. Other coupling options are available. The unit is a countertop model with a stainless steel finish. It will accommodate up to three handpieces and has a separate port for chuck cleaning. Cycle time is 15 seconds per handpiece for cleaning and lubrication. STATMATIC spray is automatically dispensed to clean with an expanding foam agent inside the handpiece and deliver the proper amount of lubrication. A disposable absorbent pad collects excess oil in the bottom of the unit. STATMATIC features an automatic safety valve on the spray can coupler that will only open when the unit has been activated. STATMATIC has a 10-year warranty. STATMATIC was evaluated by eight consultants in over 400 uses. It received a 96% clinical rating.

Editors’ Observations

Manufacturer’s Instructions/Operator’s Manual

Instructions thoroughly cover use and maintenance of the STATMATIC unit.

Ease of Initial Setup of Unit

The unit plugs into a standard electrical outlet and must be connected to a compressed air line. As long as these connections are in close proximity to the location of STATMATIC, setup is simple.

Ease of Loading/Unloading gt;STATMATIC Spray

Cans of STATMATIC Spray are easy to load and unload.

Ease of Placing and Removing Handpieces

Placing and removing handpieces was rated as fair. When the unit door opens, the handpieces are oriented vertically, making it hard to see the holes and attach the handpiece. Consultants would prefer a configuration in which the attachments tilt out at an angle when the door opens.

Ease of Cleaning Chucks

Consultants appreciated the chuck cleaning feature, which is recommended to be done weekly, or more often if desired.

Ease of Operation

Operation is simple once handpieces are installed.

Ability to Clean Multiple Handpieces

The ability to clean up to three handpieces at a time was rated as fair. Consultants with busier practices would have preferred a fourth handpiece port along with the chuck port.

Absorption Pad

Consultants liked the disposable absorption pads. They were effective in collecting excess oil and kept the interior of the unit clean. Pads simply lay in the bottom of the unit and should be replaced when saturated.

Cycle Time

Cycle time is sufficiently quick at 15 seconds per handpiece.

Noise Level during Operation

Noise level during operation was rated as good. Most consultants commented on the quietness of the unit and some reported that STATMATIC was quieter than Quattrocare (KaVo).

Time Savings (Compared to Manual Cleaning)

Time savings is one of the main benefits of using a maintenance unit for handpiece care. It is more efficient than manual cleaning and frees the dental staff to perform other tasks.

Appearance of Unit

The outer surface of STATMATIC is stainless steel, with a sleek, modern appearance. SciCan recommends a stainless steel polish to clean fingerprints off of the surface and provides a nice sheen.

Effectiveness of STATMATIC for Cleaning and Lubrication

Consultants were pleased with the quality of the lubrication, and the effectiveness of STATMATIC was rated as excellent. Handpieces ran well and did not expel excess oil.


Effectiveness of STATMATIC for cleaning and lubrication of handpieces and chucks was rated as excellent. Seventy-five percent of consultants reported that STATMATIC was better than their current handpiece maintenance unit. Seventy-five percent would switch and 100% would recommend it.