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QUATTROcare Plus

KaVo Dental

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Better than the original QUATTROcare.”
  • “Quiet as a whisper.”
  • “Quick and efficient.”
  • “Allows me to do other tasks while the unit is running.”
  • “The operation button requires several seconds of press-and-hold for the unit to start.”


QUATTROcare Plus is a compact counter-top handpiece maintenance unit designed to provide efficient maintenance of up to four handpieces in one cycle. QUATTROcare Plus has a new chuck care feature activated by switching on the chuck service mode. Cleaning and lubricating are accomplished with QUATTROcare Plus spray, which expands to reach all internal parts. The unit has a barcode reading feature to ensure only the proper spray is being used. QUATTROcare Plus comes with a two-year warranty. QUATTROcare Plus was evaluated by seven consultants in 355 uses. This handpiece maintenance unit received a 99% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

QUATTROcare Plus is an updated version of the original QUATTROcare. It has a modern appearance and is extremely quiet during operation. Simultaneous cleaning, purging and lubrication of up to four handpieces at once enhance efficiency in maintenance procedures. Using an automated system helps to ensure that handpieces are properly managed, leading to longer life with fewer repairs. Forty-three percent of consultants rated QUATTROcare Plus better than other handpiece maintenance units they had used and 29% rated it equivalent. Seventy-one percent would switch to QUATTROcare Plus and recommend it to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • Complete the handpiece maintenance before sterilization.

  • Use the chuck cleaning feature once a week.