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Sparkle Prophy Angle

Consultants’ Comments

  • “They worked great with no stalling or skipping – very smooth operation.”
  • “These ran smooth, and I like the lack of splatter.”
  • “I liked that the soft angle was flexible and would easily adapt to cervical contours.”
  • “The purple color of the soft cup was easy to distinguish from the tooth no matter what color prophy paste was used.”
  • “Cups flattened out during use and did not keep pumice in contact with the tooth.”
  • “The white cups were too firm.”


Sparkle Prophy Angle is a disposable, latex-free prophy angle with a non-slip contour to reduce hand fatigue and micro-traumas. The angle consists of a light-colored shell/dark cup designed for improved visibility in the mouth. It features a patented beveled gear to provide a smooth-running prophy angle with low vibration and noise and no over-heating or locking. Sparkle Prophy Angles are available in 100- and 500-count boxes in color-coded soft (purple), firm (white) and tapered (soft or firm) cups. Sparkle Prophy Angles were evaluated by 34 consultants in 1417 uses. They received a 90% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants liked the ergonomic design of Sparkle Prophy Angles. The angles produced less splatter than what consultants saw with their current prophy angles. The gearing produces smooth operation, with no chatter or vibration. As with other angles, if heavy pressure is applied, stalling can occur. Consultants commented on how well the cups adapted to the tooth and that they were flexible enough to go under the gum line. The prophy angles with soft cups are especially useful on patients with light stain or plaque. Twenty-six percent of consultants reported that Sparkle Prophy Angles were better than their current prophy angles and 35% reported that they were equivalent. Sixty-eight percent would switch to Sparkle Prophy Angles and 71% would recommend them.