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Consultants’ Comments

  • “A very useful material to provide retention of attachments in overdentures or implant-based prostheses.”
  • “Easy product to use.”
  • “A butt-joint finish line enhances the resistance to peeling at the edges.”
  • “Lasts longer than other soft reline materials.”
  • “I would prefer a shorter intraoral setting time.”


SOFRELINER TOUGH is a chair-side addition silicone soft lining material for dentures and other removable acrylic prostheses. The material may also be used in a laboratory setting to line dentures on a gypsum cast. SOFRELINER TOUGH is formulated for durability and high adherence to denture acrylic. Working time, including application to the prosthesis is 1.5 to 2 minutes. Intraoral setting time is 5 minutes. The material may be finished with rotary instruments once it is removed from the mouth. The kit includes a 54-g cartridge of reline material, 10 mixing tips, 10 ml of primer, three shaping/finishing points, a marking pen, and accessories. Twenty-four clinical consultants used SOFRELINER TOUGH in over 100 chairside reline applications. This product received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

Overall, consultants found SOFRELINER TOUGH to be better than the products they currently use for soft denture relines. The material is easily dispensed but can be sticky and challenging to spread with a spatula; however, it adapts well with few voids and produces an excellent final fit. Tear resistance and wear resistance were reported to be excellent during the evaluation period. The translucent pink color blends well with most acrylic tones. The color stability is good and the material shows minimal staining and cracking. The adherence of set SOFRELINER TOUGH to denture base acrylic is excellent. The trimming/finishing points are a useful addition to the kit. Consultants reported no patient contact sensitivity with this product. Eighty-six percent of evaluating consultants remarked that they would switch to SOFRELINER TOUGH; 90% would recommend it to their colleagues.

Clinical Tips

  • Although fresh material can be added to a set layer, every attempt should be made to capture the reline in a single application.
  • Use petroleum jelly on areas of the prosthesis where you do not want the reline material to adhere.
  • Initial trimming of flash can be done with a new scalpel blade.
  • For the best finishing, let the material set for an additional 30 minutes after intraoral setting.

Editors’ Note: Silicone Remover (available separately from Tokuyama Dental Corp.) easily removes old silicone denture liner from the acrylic denture base.