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SISU® NextGen Sports Mouth Guards

Akervall Technologies

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great material with interesting properties – unobtrusive, thin and lightweight.”
  • “Quick and easy to fit after you get over the learning curve. A slightly pre-formed arch would help.”
  • “Excellent instructions. The material seems strong enough to be durable and somewhat protective.”
  • “Great for orthodontic patients, young athletes and gaggers.”
  • People like the thinness, air holes, and ability to speak and drink with it in – good compliance.”
  • “A great product for patients who need/want the economy of self-molded appliances.”
  • “We have been using this product for 5 years and love it.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use block-out material around ortho appliances.
  • We used a hot water pot to keep water hot to soften the material and get the best molding.
  • During fabrication, instruct patient to press and move the tongue from side-to-side on the upper palate. Be sure the patient pushes the lingual flange down with his/her tongue and that it fits lingually.
  • Having the patient practice a repeatable centric in the office before molding helps a great deal.

Patients’ Comments

  • “Easy to wear, thin and comfortable. Feels great.  It’s easy to breathe with it in.”
  • “Good fit, it stayed securely in place, I could talk normally and drink with it in.”
  • “It was simple, easy to mold, and easy to do by myself.”
  • “I like the holes, colors and that it’s remoldable.”
  • “I am a female soccer keeper at the collegiate level and have always worn a mouth guard. After trying your product I fell in love with it.”
  • “I’d definitely suggest your product to my other teammates.”

Evaluation Highlights

SISU® NextGen Sports Mouth Guards were evaluated by 33 consultants, in total > 280 times.
  • Custom-fit, rigid mouth guard.
  • Thin and lightweight.
  • Does not interfere with patient speaking and drinking.
  • Available in pediatric and adolescent/adult versions.


  • For use while playing contact and non-contact sports that are associated with risk for oral injuries.

Unique Features

  • Can be remolded up to 20 times.
  • Diffusix technology lessens the effects of impact.
  • Can remain in place while drinking which reduces handling, making the sports guard more hygienic.
  • Does not contain latex, phthalate, PVC or BPA.
  • Works with braces.


SISU NextGen Sports Mouth Guards are custom fit, remoldable mouth guards constructed of durable, non-compressible thermo-polymer. They incorporate Diffusix technology that results in the material having high tensile strength, lessens the transfer and adsorption of impact, and helps to minimize material deformation on impact. Crumple zones in the sports guard absorb impact.
SISU NextGen Sports Mouth Guards can be custom fit in minutes at home or in the office. They are ultra-thin, and users can speak normally and drink while wearing one. SISU NextGen Sports Mouth Guards are available in multiple colors.
Options that include:
  • Junior Guard 1.6 mm thick for children ages 7 to 11 years old
  • Aero Guard 1.6 mm thick for all sports
  • Max Guard 2.4 mm thick for high impact sports