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Grind Relief Pro

Grind Guard Technologies, LLC


  •     30  Clinical Evaluators
  •     98  Total Uses
  •  86% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Quick and easy to fit.”
  • “I am able to provide the patient with an immediate device to take home to see if they get TMD and muscle myalgia relief.”
  • “Same day, no models!”
  • “Easy to use in a pinch and can use Peter Dawson’s NTI/deprogrammer methods fast.”
  • “The rigid shell allows it to adapt better than the somewhat softer shell in the OTC doctor’s nightguard.”
  • “The fit is better and the end product is more durable than QuickSplint”
  • “It is easy to fabricate chair side. It has great retention once fully hardened, and it works very well in a dentition with severe crowding. One patient said it was the most comfortable guard she has ever worn.”
  • “Nice device for acute treatment. The innovation is the rigid frame allowing for improved adaptation to undercuts and improved retention.”


Grind Relief Pro is a thermoplastic medical device intended to treat nighttime or stress-induced bruxism and reduce muscle activity by at least 60%. Built with a patented “Central Power Bar”, this additionally helps by preventing wear through the appliance.


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Unique Attributes

  • Covers more of the dentition for a more secure fit (back to the 1st or 2nd bicuspid)
  • Can be used on either the maxillary or the mandibular arch
  • Adjustable with an ability to refit the appliance if the fit loosens or changes
  • Can be used with a Class 2 occlusion

Clinical Tips

  • The thermoplastic material gets very sticky after heating, don’t touch it.
  • Once the device is fabricated and the patient is wearing it regularly, have the patient warm it under warm water before putting it in.
  • Train the patients on how to adjust the device by including them on the initial fitting.
  • We found that many small adjustments can be done at home without having to return to the office.
  • Leave it in for 10 minutes after fitting for improved retention.


  • Bruxism patients
  • Great for immediate assessment of TMD and Muscle Myalgia when screening for muscle or joint pain