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Root ZX II

J. Morita USA

Consultants’ Comments

  • “A ‘must have’ for my endodontic procedures.”
  • “Sounds are more pleasant than on the original unit.”
  • “Easy to move from room to room because of its compact size.”
  • “Automatic reverse and torque control have a learning curve.”



Root ZX II is a battery-operated apex locator with an optional low-speed handpiece module, and according to the manufacturer, produces clinical accuracy not influenced by blood, other discharges, or electrolytes. A larger color graphic display, along with auditory signals, shows the file position relative to the apical constriction. The file lead can be attached to the file during negotiation of the canal or simply touched to files that are already in place. The base of the unit is broad for improved stability, and it accepts a low-speed handpiece module. The apex locator is active while the handpiece is in use, giving the user a graphic display and auditory signal of the file location at all times. The motor system offers speeds from 150-800 rpm, automatic reverse when reaching the apex, automatic slow-down near the apex, and an automatic reverse system that is based on a torque meter incorporated in the system. Each of the features may be activated or deactivated, according to the user’s preference. The unit comes with three preset programs that may be changed as needed. The file holder and lip clip are autoclavable and the unit itself if smooth and easy to disinfect. Five consultants used Root ZX II with the low-speed handpiece module in over 100 procedures. This product received a 96% clinical rating.


Equipment Features

Accuracy of the Root ZX II apex locator was rated as excellent. The new color LCD display is easy to read, and the auditory tones are subtle to not disturb the patient. The large base was considered more stable and an improvement over the original unit. The handpiece module attaches easily to the back of the unit, providing a compact device for operation of rotary instruments. The handpiece begins operation automatically as soon as the file is introduced into the canal. While a foot pedal is included, consultants found the automatic start feature a convenience and used it almost exclusively. Pre-programmed modes are useful, yet easy to change when desired. The automatic reverse and the torque meter were highly rated features of the motor unit. Consultants noted that the there was a learning curve with the system and that the automatic reverse activated too early when canals were overly wet. Four out of five consultants reported that Root ZX II was better than their current apex locator and would both switch to and recommend this equipment.

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure canal is well lubricated but not too wet.
  • Remove rubber stoppers from rotary files to allow secure attachment of the handpiece’s grounding clip.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your rotary files for proper speed and torque settings.