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Rebilda Post GT

Consultants’ Comments

  • “A complete and versatile kit. It offers the ability to place the post into any canal size or shape without having to remove additional tooth structure.”
  • “Good adaptability. This product is especially wonderful for ovoid or figure-of-eight shaped canals that make post placement difficult without over-preparing canals.”
  • “Easy to fit the post and the build-up material was easy to handle.”
  • “All the small fibers can be a little tricky to handle. It was hard to cut off the excess length of fibers while holding them prior to curing.”
  • “Technique sensitive. Fibers would engage the canal walls, resulting in fibers of different lengths which slowed the process down.”
  • “Great for core build-ups. Creates a core with fibers spread throughout.”

Clinical Tips

  • It was very helpful to read all manufacturer’s instructions and watch the video.
  • Great for teeth with minimum remaining coronal structure.
  • Go smaller than you think when choosing a post size.

Evaluation Highlights

Rebilda Post GT was evaluated by 25 consultants, and used 361 times in total.

  • System with bundled fiber posts splayed during placement
  • Versatile
  • Multiple steps
  • Good adaptability to canals of all shapes.

Unique Features

  • High flexural strength and fracture resistance
  • Elasticity similar to dentin
  • Conservative preparation
  • No special drill required
  • Color-coded sleeves
  • Suitable for all root canals including root canals with atypical anatomy or morphology




Rebilda Post GT is an innovative, radiopaque bundled glass fiber-reinforced resin post consisting of multiple diametrically smaller (0.3 mm) posts designed to offer enhanced physical properties, adapt to the curvature of the root canal and to significantly reduce or eliminate the need to remove healthy tooth structure prior to post placement. The bundled posts have color-coded sleeves for different sizes that are removed after the bundled post has been placed. Rebilda Post GT is available as a kit containing 5 posts each in 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, and 1.4 mm diameter sizes, together with a 5 mL bottle of Ceramic Bond, 20 Futura Bond single unit doses, a 10 g syringe of Rebilda DC QM dentin and accessories. Refill packs containing 5 posts in one of the four sizes are also available.